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We just launched this new website design!

Jon coded the whole thing with just a text editor. (Jon's hair is now completely gray.) It should work on all devices including smartphones. (Hard for us to be sure, as the phones here at Blackstone Appliances have only recently been upgraded to the kind that have buttons instead of a rotary dial.)

Let us know if anything seems out of whack.

Other stuff from Jon Blackstone:

The Magic Chord Mug. A new thing Jon cooked up: A coffee mug that shows the 6 chords that are good to play in a particular key.

Blackstone T-Shirts. Buy 'em here! So stylish, and only $15.

The Band Name Engine. A little web app that Jon made that generates band names from random words.

"Dual-Range Guitar" is the hybrid instrument Jon Blackstone uses to play bass and guitar at the same time.

We'll be adding more articles, product intros and reports on Jon's experiments here in the future. If you'd like to be notified when we do, sign our mailing list.   Or "like" our facebook page, if you're a News Feed hawk.


Other websites we recommend:

R.G. Keen's site, GEO, offers tons of resources for electronics do-it-yourselfers.

Randall Aiken builds great Marshall­esque amps. He also has a website with excellent technical articles.

Thaddeus Hogarth is an acclaimed R&B bandleader/guitarist in Boston who teaches at Berklee College of Music. He also maintains a very useful blog with gear reviews and other resources. And if you want to see some burning blues playing, check out some of his YouTube clips.